More than 1 billion Instagram accounts worldwide are actively used every month, with 90% of accounts following a company on Instagram. More than 500 million accounts use Instagram Stories every day (Source:  Futurebiz ). As part of the Facebook family, Instagram has grown massively since it was founded in 2010, and is constantly changing and improving. Do you already use Instagram for your company? If not, we’ll show you 8 unbeatable reasons why you should definitely start in 2020.

1. Instagram is a visual platform

Images and videos are shared on Instagram. You now have a few options and internal features. Instagram offers the classic feed post, carousel posts (with up to 10 images), Instagram Stories, Instagram Live and IGTV. Optimally, you use all of these features, especially those that make sense for you. Each of the features also fulfills its own meaning:

  • Posts in feed reach new users primarily, who do not know you. Here you can show what makes you and your company special and build trust.
  • About Stories you interact in the majority with your subscribers, so people who already know you. So you deepen trust, ask about their pain points, show behind the scenes insights or position yourself as a personal brand. Instagram also offers plenty of opportunities for stories to deepen the interaction with your target group. With the story sticker you can set up surveys, organize a quiz, set a countdown (e.g. for the next launch or the upcoming campaign) or offer a Q&A.
  • IGTV is the least used format on Instagram so far. It is designed to publish portrait videos of up to 60 minutes in length and thus maintain its own video channel. Since 2019, Instagram has also allowed videos in landscape format, which significantly expands the possibilities. With an IGTV you can introduce yourself, for example, position yourself as an expert or show the manufacturing process of your product from start to finish, which in turn increases the trust of your target group.
  • In Instagram Live you can start a transmission live. This is a popular tool at trade fairs or events to give your followers an exclusive insight. The live mode is also suitable for Q&A sessions.

2. Instagram is a mobile platform

90% of the population of Germany use the Internet every day; for 14 to 29 year olds, this so-called daily range is even 98%. On average, the population spends a total of 87 minutes daily with media content on the Internet (source: ARD / ZDF online study 2019 ). So if you use Instagram as a company, you reach your target group exactly where they are anyway – on their smartphone. 8 out of 10 people aged 14 and over in Germany use a smartphone, which corresponds to 57 million users (source: ARD / ZDF online study 2019 ).

3. Instagram is a huge community

1 billion people use Instagram 2019 worldwide, there are over 15 million users in Germany (as of August 2017, currently there are probably around 20 million) (Source:  Futurebiz ). The chance that you will find your target group on Instagram is very high. Thanks to hashtags, any niche, however small, can be found relatively easily. The more “niche” you are on the road, the higher your chances of actually being noticed.

4. Over 25 million company profiles worldwide

Don’t let the customers snap you away from the competition! Your competition is very likely on Instagram – be it you too. Around 1⁄3 of the most respected stories come from brands and companies. Instagram ads are used by 2 million advertisers and 2 out of 3 visitors to company profiles are not followers of the company. Instagram always manages to make people aware of new content and channels.

5. Instagram Insights

If you use a so-called business profile, you have an insight into the comprehensive statistics and analyzes that Instagram makes available to you. So you can see at a glance how active your community is, which posts are most popular, whether you reach your target group and can react accordingly. The insights are already so comprehensive that no additional analysis tool is necessary for the time being.

6. Organic growth

In contrast to Facebook, organic growth is still possible on Instagram in 2020. Not as easily and quickly as a few years ago, but with the right strategy, it can be implemented for every company. If you use your marketing budget for ads and promotions at the same time, you can support and increase these successes.

7. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has long gone beyond body lotions and handbags. Today, this form of marketing works in almost every industry and is used diligently by numerous companies. Marketing with micro-influencers in particular has proven to be particularly effective, as there is a very high level of trust between the influencer and the community and the necessary closeness to sell products of almost any kind.

8. Long-term community building

Increase sales overnight with Instagram? This will not work. Via Instagram you build up a community for yourself as a company, show your brand and create the necessary trust in yourself and your expertise, that in the end followers also become loyal customers and ideally also act as multipliers.

Your target group needs several touch points with your product in order to decide. Instagram can be part of it and should not be missing in your marketing mix. There you also have the opportunity to repeatedly query the pain points of your target group and include them in your product development, which will certainly pay off in the long term. Even if you probably don’t sell directly via Instagram (in the sense of: you present your product and someone buys it immediately), Instagram provides you with the platform to meet your target group at eye level. If you then manage to build a loyal community, it even acts as a multiplier via recommendations, which will continue to boost your success.

Instagram is not so much about quick money, rather it offers the chance for long-term and sustainable success of your company.

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